XXXX KARL The Mist 云朵上的羌寨 Justice Almost Here 今生缘 proof of life 樱雪 Sea


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Where am I now this desert so familiar
This loneliness has scarred me before
Is this where Youre found or is this where You have brought me
Your voice no longer can I ignore

My heart lies in pieces
Please pick me up and put me back together again
Like only You can

Abba Abba
Youre like water to this soul
Abba I need You
Cause Ive got no where else to go

Is that You there whispering so softly
And calming all the madness inside
All I have I bare and it still amounts to nothing
But Youre telling me its ok to cry

Now I now lie in pieces
But this brokenness is all You ever wanted from me
So You can take control

In Your sanctuarys where I long to be
For this desperate heart has found no better place
Than to be found in You
Than to be found in You